Network Solutions Hosting Coupon

Network Solutions Hosting Coupon

May 23rd, 2011

Network Solutions is running an exclusive offer this month: Get any web hosting plan with up to 65% discount!

The coupon is valid for nsHosting Small, nsHosting Large and nsHosting Unlimited plans, but the discounts vary by term (from 1 to 10 years) and plan. A few examples will be shown below, but the best way to see the discount is to follow the link and play around with the options.

The main difference between the three hosting plans are the number of websites you’re able to manage within a single hosting account (called Directory Pointers in Network Solutions lingo). The Small plan lets you run 3 websites, the Large plan 5 websites and finally the Unlimited plan lets you run 10 websites. The rest of the differences are minor.

Network Solutions Hosting

The nsSmall plan is usually $12.95/month, $120/year, $240/2 years, $335/3 years, $500/5 years or $1000/10 years. With this hosting coupon you only pay $71.88/year, $119.76/2 years, $143.64/3 years, $209.40/5 years or $358.80/10 years.

Network Solutions Hosting Coupon Code

This is the same as $5.99/month, $4.99/month, $3.99/month, $3.49/month and $2.99/month respectively. In other words you get 2 years of hosting for the price of one, or 5 years of hosting for less than you usually pay for a 2 year contract.

You’ll get similar discounts with this coupon on the Large and Unlimited plans, but you’ll have to go to Network Solutions website to check out the rebates yourself.

To take advantage of this offer, follow the link below and use the Network Solutions coupon HOST0003AF upon checkout. The offer is valid for August and September 2011.

Coupon: HOST0003AF
Expires: September, 2011
Last checked: August 11, 2011

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